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Updated: Oct 18

The heat emitted from the stone and massaged to different points of the body will warm the body. relax reduce stress Helps to relax the nervous system and muscle tension. improves blood circulation Including adjusting the internal balance very well

Hot stone massage for home service
Hot stone massage for home service

The sweltering weather in April can make some people so hot that they don't want to go out in the sun. Doing just a little will make you sweat easily. feeling irritable, irritable, and stressed more easily than usual But it's not that the heat will only generate heat. There is also a type of massage that brings "heat" along with massage with "stones" to help in healing and relieving stress.

Things to know

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The hot stone massage is the science of massage to relax the muscles and the body. through the use of basalt as a heat spreader This type of stone has the advantage of touching massage that gives weight. and better firmness

Before the massage, the staff will take the stones to soak in hot water first. But make sure the temperature is well controlled to avoid overheating the stone. and during the massage Massage stones are always replaced. to maintain the body temperature of the service recipients with

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